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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...But, I'm back! Back from the dead!

Readers, followers, friends: lend me your eyes. And your comments, thereafter. Honestly, I did not remember not deleting this number 1037484059 months ago.
Dang, you all make a girl want to write.
So, here's a for instance. I'm aspiring to make a new blog. A fresh start. A blog that's more me than... Well, this neglected old broad that was once my love.
I plan on a book blog because -and I'm sure you all know this -I'm a bibliophile.
Like I swear, any more attached, and bookstore cops would arrest me for abuse. If, that is, they exist.

Fuck my enchiladas, I'm rusty.

But hey, ok, I am TELLING you, my new babe will be the young, hot, fireball of book blogs. It's gonna be so good Victoria's Secret Angels will look like hangers next to it. That's right. The SUN is going hot with embarrassment. Yep. Watch the news, it's happening.

Shit, why do you even read my blog, your eyes deserve a luxury spa treatment for dealing with this shiz. And therapy, but that's really a given.

I digress. My entire existence digresses. If that is correct. Slap me with a dictionary, someone!


I'm a regular on goodreads ("newbie") and I love the app (*snorts*) and I post reviews all the effing time (*gags*)! You can find me as 'Sangeeta K.' ("Can I get a what-what??)
So, I'm thinking of calling that one, 'Eat my reads'.

I know what you're thinking; my creativity makes you wanna kill yoself. Get in line, pharmacies are running outta pills cuz of me.

So, what I wanna know is: do you guys wanna start over with me? Let's rekindle. Let's be friends. Again. Like, actually, friends.

You guys were always great with all the reviews and critiques and that was the best part about having this blog. That's why I'm taking a new step forward, and want to take you guys with me.

So, hey, I'm Sangeeta, that book geek. What's your story?

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