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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, I'm Back.

My little vacation lasted three entire months in city Z, and i still wish I could go back soon. Well, that doesn't exactly count as a vacation, because i was made to join a high-school in said city on the 19th of April, 2010. There are a lot of things i would love to write, but i wouldn't want to bore the few readers i've managed to have. So, I'll get to the gist of things.
For a start, I love my new high-school. But, if one has read my first post, i have mentioned clearly that i do not like change.
Inspite of that, i'm happy in city Z. It's just that the people are friendly, the roads are safe, and the western Expats are, for a change, not complete idiots. And they look funny trying to swim back toward an abra.
Well, for most people my life in city Z will be quite drab, with all the torrid affairs i've been having with people as Winston S. Churchill, Acton Bell(Anne Bronte), William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon and the like, them being the crème de la crème of great writers. Though i do not agree with many of W.S. Churchill's thoughts as in "The Great Democracies", but i like the way he's written, nonetheless.
Today, my father and my sisters' in-laws are sitting around, talking about booze and stag parties.
"In Goa, when they come from the bar, they look like the dead!" Jyoti's Mother-in-law means the boys my to-be brother-in-law has befriended.
My dad falls into his pool of reminisce, when the loved to drink -though not too much- and liked to appreciate the "finer things in life". He is broken out of his reverie, by the sudden chatter about "haldi" rasams and "Lehenga-cholis".
As usual, i shake my head and resume my typing- it being my answer to everything.
All of my professors are worth remembering, but my favorite of them all is Shirin Chandy, my english teacher. She trusted me inspite of knowing me the least, and i loved the sophistication with which she conversed with everyone.
I've come back for a month to attend my sisters wedding on the 18th of this month.
And I just LOVE marriages.
I'm just glad she's not joining the Mafia...

5 Had Something to Say:

Magali said...

OMG high school? Gosh I didn't realize you were that young! You're younger than me! Anyway, where's city Z? Did I miss something, or are you being cryptic?

Sangeeta K. said...

I don't think i'll grow out of high-school... BEsides, If i get lucky, Murdoch might take me... You missed something, and i don't think it's time yet to disclose where city Z is (though i KNOW that nobody cares...)

Arjit Srivastava said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Sangeeta. I am sure you have missed out many things around. Keep up in pace, now. And by the way, is the Z-city in this ( ) list? :P

And like Magali, I too was actually amazed that you are still in high school? Anyway, all the best for your new set of adventures in city-Z.

Bikramjit said...

first of all welcome back..

nowwhere is this city Z , wud be nice ot know :)
and high school and you write so well kudos, though as others i must admit i did not not expect you to be that young.. well compared to me at least I am OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD now it seems :)

All the best for the wedding hope you hve tons of fun and all goes well ...

Sangeeta K. said...

@Arjit, no, that's not quite it.
@Bikramjit, thank you. and it has gone well.