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Thursday, February 4, 2010

For her.... and HIM?!

You know what I love about being Asian?
No, it's not the part where they stereotype us to be either Chinese, or Japanese. It's how we're related even REMOTELY to the most cockiest, craziest country on the entire planet.

And it's not france.

So, can you guess what the new "invention" of the japanese companies in Tokyo possibly is?

It's a BRA....

                 ... for MEN!!

Now, picture this ~~~~~~~
       Yours Truly just had the most passionate sex with her hubby ever, when, suddenly, the Mon says, "Could you help me with the hooks of my bra? I can't seem to reach them...."

Imagine that!

Or, maybe, one morning, he comes up to me and says, "Sweetie, all my bras are in the laundry room, could i borrow yours for the day??"

Seriosuly, guys, a brassiere for MEN?!

Thats like saying, "The new-aged SPEEDOS - FOR WOMEN."

Check it out~~~~

SAN:"Would you happen to have an underwired lace bra in teal for size XXX*?"
CLERK: "Of course, Ma'am. How do you like it?"
SAN:"Oh, its BEAUTIFUL! I love it!!"
CLERK:"So, shall i pack it for you?"
SAN:"Yes... ~~OH! And~~"
CLERK:"Yes Ma'am?"
SAN: "Would you have the same in two sizes smaller? I was hoping to buy it for my husband..."

 *Withheld on request.

(>_<) *SHUDDER*

OR, how about.....

HUBBY:"What color Bra are you wearin'?"
SAN:(*WINKS*) "Red lace!"
HUBBY:(Astonished) "Heyy, me too!!"
SAN:(*SMILES DREAMILY*) "We have so much in common..."

I'm so glad I'm not Japanese....

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