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Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Crows, Parrots and the Day of Love

"Happy Valentine's Day!!!"
Yeah, yeah. Shut the fuck up.

My day begins quite ordinarily; too mundane, to be precise. I just get off the bed, brush my teeth, eat my breakfast, and checked out my cell. 
  "Hie! I'm getting myself a new book from Landmark and i'm gonna watch , too i'm so happy!"
And happy fuckin'-tines's day to you, too, Ice-Kitten.

I walk toward the window. A beautiful tropical parrot sat directly opposite me. How glossy are her feathers... The red beak was, as though, embossed in the scenic loveliness of the neighborhood trees...

"Seeing a parrot in suburban Mumbai is lucky!" I smile to myself. Luck, and on Valentine's Day? God must love me! (^_^)
I grin ear to ear~~~~
~~~~Until a crow comes along.
"What a deceitful creature! It's making such a racket... huh? Wait. W-wait! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET OFF OF THAT PARROT! Let her fluff her wings and fly to the other side of the tree...."

She did just as i said.
She FLUFFED her beautiful emerald wings....
....and got gang-raped by four ugly crows.

Yes. My luck.

4 Had Something to Say:

Trinity said...

Poor Birds. Having to share his victim with other crows. That is a shame.

Sangeeta said...

You scare me...

Anonymous said...

I like him!

Jo said...

I know this cuz i've already heard this. It was a good day, eh?