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Friday, February 26, 2010

A note to the Idiot who drank my last Cuppa Joe

Since I knew I'd be too drained to type this down, I just took a picture of it while it was still hung on the bulletin board. Click to enlarge...

This is why I should never be allowed to go more than 27 hours without coffee.

4 Had Something to Say:

CrazyNewt said...

Yikes. That must have been an awesome cup of coffee.

Remind me never to cut in front of you in a line.

Sangeeta K. said...

It's not, actually. The coffee we're served is the most disgusting crap you'd ever get to drink. If hell could be served in a cup, this'd be it. My CUPPA JOE was something i got from outside, which is why i was so mad when someone ELSE drank it.

CrazyNewt said...

Ha ha. I can imagine. REally, someone else drinking your coffee is pretty frustrating.

I particularly like that part at the end about disclosure of the guy's extra-curriculars. Like I said, remind me to never piss you off. ;)

Trinity said...

I hope that guy learns never to mess with you again.