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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Bill at our Local Pizzeria

This was the bill I received at our local Pizzeria this afternoon:
I think that's just Gods way of saying, "Sangeeta, you damnable creature, the creation of Absolute Evil! 
You have maliciously disregarded the Dieties of the Heavens, for which you shall face our wrath!"
Or maybe just, "Fuck yourself, asshole." 
Well, he does get his revenge: that pizza's going straight to my thighs...

2 Had Something to Say:

CrazyNewt said...

...okay. What's the exchange rate with, say, Canadian money? or American money? Because if I ever ring up $666 in a Pizzeria here, I'm going on a DIET. :)

Also, it's a well known fact that the "sign of the beast" makes your pizza taste better. Just sayin'

Sangeeta K. said...

Around 13.32 American Dollars,I'd reckon?
And this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I've gotten a triple-six atleast twice whilst gambling, 666 as a roll-call number in a science olympiad in junior high, 666 as the tag number for university astrophysics(state-level) And the number has proved to be quite lucky during these situations.