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Friday, March 12, 2010

Of Kings, Jesters, and the Pursuit of the Limerick

See, I've never been very good at making rhymes, and this is probably my first time making a string of limericks. Or even one, for that matter. So, feel free to correct any lines that seem dysfunctional. And please, be gentle. I have a heart,, you know.
Here it is:
Says the Jester to the Prince, "Sir, you.
have married not one, but two.
It must be hard to decide
of whom to sleep beside.
In such a case, whatever do you do?"

The Prince says sheepishly, "'Tis true,
I am the husband of not one, but two.
And, since I cannot decide
of whom to sleep beside
I don't sleep with either of the two."

The Jester turns to ask His Imperial Majesty,
who has wed not a wife, not two, but three;
"So, how do you decide
of whom to sleep beside?
Or do you, too, sleep with neither of the three?"

Puffing up his chest, quoth he,
"I am the husband of not two, but three.
Since I, too, can't decide
of whom to sleep beside
I sleep with them all, you see!"

P.S. I thought of this over a cup of espresso, so if it's bad, I blame the coffee.
And, if it is good -- it's all me.

7 Had Something to Say:

Tanay said...

brilliant!! hilarious!! loved it!!

Tanay said...

This is a wonderful blog , i must say.... i like the element of subtle humour spread all over it!! keep it up.

schizophrenic said...

Amazing !! lol i loved it!!!
m really gonna stalk u now!! :)

Diwakar Sinha said...

quite nice...limericks..hmm..I did try my hand at it once...but i'm nt a fan of rules...reading them is more like it.

Sangeeta K. said...

@Tanay, thanks for all the flattery. Your blog is wonderful too!
@Sneha, hahaha! Just as i am stalking you!
@Diwakar, sometimes, if you really get inspired, rules don't matter. it's just the essence of idocy[in my case] that makes the rules seem excusable.


Hi there,

The espresso must be fcking bad :)

but real nice blog the way u write :)

Keep 'it' up!

Sangeeta K. said...

Thanks pravin!